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The purpose of the organization shall be to:

  • Enrich the education of the students of Hudson Bend Middle School “HBMS” by providing volunteer and financial support for their educational and recreational needs with the resources of HBMS PTO

  • Foster relationships between the administration, staff, parents, and the community by promoting open communication.


President - Annie Candee

Vice President - Roxi Tsakas

Second Vice President/Volunteer Coordinator - Nica Pyron

Third Vice President/Fundraising Coordinator - Makize Zarabi

Fourth Vice President/Student Activities Coordinator - Monica Van Valkenburgh

Fifth Vice President/Teacher Appreciation Coordinator - Carrie Grant

Sixth Vice President/Communications - Ann Dodson

Secretary - Sarah Walters

Treasurer - Katie Berndt


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HBMS PTO Bylaws Revised May 2023

HBMS PTO Monthly Minutes

HBMS PTO Request for Payment Form

HBMS W9 Form

HBMS PTO Insurance Form

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