There are two was to  to help us provide these items to HBMS teachers, staff, and students:

  1. Visit our Amazon wishlist or
  2. Click “Donate” (below or on the side bar). Please specify on your payment, under “Add special instructions to the seller,” which item you would like to fund.

Partial payments/purchases are welcome!

The following are items requested by HBMS teachers and staff members in addition to the $15,000 worth of classroom items already purchased by HBMS PTO for 2019-2020. They welcome the donation of the items or you may donate funds to your HBMS PTO and the board will purchase the items on your behalf.

General School/Front Office Requests:

  • 100 LARGE pump bottles of hand sanitizer for classrooms & gathering areas – $597
  • 18″ Indoor Convex Mirror for front office so the receptionist can see students behind her. – $36
  • Donations of clothes (used is great) when students who are out of “dress code” and are required to change into school appropriate attire. The biggest needs are leggings (adult medium and large) and PE/Athletic clothes (uniform shorts and shirts). – $0
  • Supplies for the HBMS Buc Lounge for any student in need of food, clothes, school supplies, etc. The major needs include:
    -individual mac and cheese
    -ramen in cups
    -individual packets of beef jerky
    -peanut butter or cheese crackers
    -fruit snacks
    -granola bars
    Here is the link to the Amazon Wishlist specific to the Buc Lounge: HBMS Buc Lounge Amazon Wish List

Language Arts request for a Coffee Shop style writing environment: 

  • 2-3 lamps
  • 1-2 larger rugs
  • a couch or cozy chair
  • headphones for students to concentrate while writing
  • a collection of the latest Lonestar books from this year and last year

8th Grade Spanish Classes:

  • Class set of 30 headphones with microphones to help students learn Spanish. – $599.70

Yearbook & Digital Graphics classes are requesting:

  • Post it easel pads – $41.58
  • Ring light with tripod stand and phone holder – $43.99
  • Tripod with Bluetooth remote – $23.99
  • Phone lens adapter kits – $25.99
  • Small plastic containers – $13.38
  • Large plastic containers – $22.99
  • Apple iPad Pro to run Procreate and other art applications on the Creative Cloud. This allows students to be way more hands-on and close the gap between students skilled in traditional art and graphic design. – $729
  • Kore Adjustable stools so many benefits of these! With the adjustable height, my smaller students would be able to see a little better even from the back of the room. – $98.29

Band is requesting:

  • Percussion clinics scholarship – $500

Art Department is requesting:

The Art Department needs the following items on an ongoing basis throughout the school year. Any time you have one of the following items in your home that you are not using, please send them to school for the Art students to use.
– Phone book
– Newspaper
– Thin cardboard (Ex: cereal boxes, granola boxes etc.)

  • If you want your donation to be used to purchase a specific item, please specify on your payment under “Add special instructions to the seller” (as seen here):

    Thank you from the HBMS students, teachers, and PTO!