The following are items requested by teachers for classroom use. Please click “Donate” below or on the side bar to help fund items on the list. Partial payments are welcome!

  • Balance balls (10) for flexible student seating: 10 x $19.98 = $199.80 ((PURCHASED!!!))
  • Standing student desks (3) for student use: 3 x $201.79 = $605.37 ((PURCHASED!!!))
  • Portable lap desks for flexible student seating: 10 pack for $199.99
  • 8 Chromebooks (8): 8 x $302 = $2416
      • 2018-2019 HBMS PTO was able to purchase 31 Chromebooks and 2 Lock-n-Charge carts with your generous donations this year. Still, Language Arts teachers are short a few: two in 6th Grade and six in 7th grade for a total of 8 Chromebooks to ensure that every student has one to use in the Language Arts classrooms. Chromebooks purchased by HBMS PTO must comply with district technology guidelines.

    If you want your donation to be used to purchase a specific item, please specify on your payment under “Add special instructions to the seller:” (as seen below) or email your request to the HBMS PTO Treasurer at

    Thank you from the HBMS students, teachers, and PTO!